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The doors are the heaviest components and i found them the hardest components to fit. The door handles and locks were first fitted to the doors.
Tip: When deciding which door is left and which is right, the top of each door has a metal restrainer fitted and the hinges are on the outside of the conservatory. The doors are marked left and right but i was not sure if this refered to when standing on the inside or outside of the conservatory.
All uPVC doors are adjusted in the same way i.e. once they are hung an allen key can be inserted into the top of the hinge section. By rotating the hinge section the door can be moved in/out and left/right by a few millimeters.
Tip: While the hinges are being adjusted have an assistant take the weight of the door, this makes turning the allen key much easier.
The hinges on both doors must be adjusted until the doors are at the correct height and position to allow them to close, the locks to engage and both of them to shut correctly/tightly into the door frame so there are no drafts. The retainer clips at the top of each door are connected into the slot in the doorframe. The retainers ensure the doors do not open more than 90 degrees.

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