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Eaves Beams

Eaves Beams
Once all the windows and the doorframe were in place the next step was to fix eaves beams along the top of them, one on each side of the conseratory. Eaves beams are alluminum square sections that are fixed (using fairly long screws 100 - 120mm) to provide support to the overall top of the window structure and also provide fixing points for the roof beams. My conservatory included a box gutter for along the side that was to be fixed to the house, so my kit had 4 eaves beams and the gutter came prefixed to one of the beams. I started by laying each beam into position along the top of the  windows interlocking each corner loosely with the supplied screws. Once i was confident they were all aligned/positioned correctly i drilled holes through the gutter at appropriate fixing points along its upper length. My gutter was being fixed along the sofit boards of roof of my cottage so the holes were drilled to coincide with the ends of the roof trusses to ensure the screws obtained solid fixing points. Prior to the arrival of the conservatory my roofer had installed the neccessary leadwork to overlap the top of the gutter and ensure no water could penetrate behind it. Once the gutter fixing screws were in place the leadwork was then bent down to overlap the gutters top edge. With the gutter now solidly installed and the eaves beams positioned correctly holes were drilled through the eaves beams and the top of the window frames allowing them to be fixed together using the supplied 120mm screws. A long drill was needed for this operation (not supplied), i mention this as i had to obtain my drill from a trade ironmongery and not a public DIY store. Before starting on the roof i fitted the plastic right angled connectors to the gutter. These connectors connect the large metal gutter (just fitted above) to the plastic guttering that surrounds the rest of the conservatory. I found it easier to fit the connectors before the roof spars are installed as space becomes extremely tight. 

 Eaves Beam    Eaves Beam

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