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Eaves Beams


The roof consisted of a number of metal spars that connected to the eaves beam at one end and the ridge at the other. My ridge came prebuilt, with an assistant holding the ridge in the approximate final position, i fitted each spar loosely into position.
Tip: If any of the spars are connected to a gutter that runs along the main property then fit the plastic spare end caps now. The caps require screwing into the end of the spars, this is impossible once the spars are fitted. Do not fully tighten the end cap otherwise it maybe difficult to get the spar caps on. The other choice is not to fit any end caps on the length of conservatory facing the property as the ends of the spars cannot be seen anyway.
My roof spars came sequentially numbered starting from the right hand side rear corner of the roof. Using the measurements detailed on the supplied roofing diagram, i located and tightened each spar into its final position (at both the ridge and eaves beam). As a double check i lay the corresponding glassing panel into position then removed it again.
Box Gutter   Roof Spars

Each glazing panel was layed between each metal roofing spar and held in place by spar caps. These are lengths of upvc (same length of the spars) that clip onto the top of each spar. The glassing panels are then held firmly in place between each spar and the spar cap. I decided that the last glassing panel i wanted to fit would be along a straight run. This was for two reasons

- The corner sections involve fitings a number of small panels completely before any spar caps can be fitted

- Up until the last glassing panel each one can be fitted by working through the hole between the next  two empty spars, the last panel must be fitted from the outside, which meant i had to work off a ladder. Its easier to place a ladder along a straight side and there is not requirement to stretch round any corners.

The glassing panels came numbered and coated in a plastic protective membrame that had to be removed before fitting. Also before fitting the panels i removed the hard plastic protective strip that runs along the bottom of each panel and ran a bead of silicon along the edge that would make contact with top side of the panel, then refitted. I presume this helps keep the water running over the protective strip rather than into it.Once all the spar caps were in place i fitted the remaining spar end caps. 

Glazing Panels   Glazing Panels

I would suggest the guttering should be one of the last items installed. Unless you have conservatory ladders or equivalent then it becomes difficult to access the roof due the guttering being in the way of any ladders. 
Tip: Try not to fit the gutter components in cold conditions. A number of the parts require their associated clips to be prised into place and plastic tends to break easier when its cold and less liable. If it is cold place the clip on a heater (not too hot) before attempting to fit. 
The guttering comes pre-cut to the appropriate lengths, with a bag full of the mounting clips, downpipe and associated connectors. I started work at the corner where the downpipe was to be located and connected the downpipe gutter connector to the box gutter connector fitted earlier (see the eaves beam section). Next i 
fitted all the mounting clips to the eaves beams at appropriate locations starting at the downpipe connector. Being unsure how far apart to position them i chose to locate one at the center of each window and additional ones towards the corners (leaving enough distance from the corner to fit the corner connectors).

Gutter Support   Gutter Clips
Each of the gutter lengths was centered along each side and snapped into the mounting clips with corners connectors then able clipped to the ends of the gutters to join them. Last items to be fitted were the downpipe and two angled conectors required to allow the pipe to miss the window sills. 
Tip: If your conservatory height from the ground is greater than than the conservatory kit height i.e. you need to build your dwarf wall taller than the standard height (approx 525cm) then confirm the downpipe will be long enough to reach the ground or make sure to order any addional required length.

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